IPL Twenty20 Fantasy Cricket

The Twenty20 match is the shortest form of the cricket game. Although relatively new, this game has captured the interest of all cricket fans in all countries around the world. The Indian Premier League developed the Twenty20 cricket in a very unique way. It incorporates much excitement for fans by making it as one of the fantasy sports. The games are played in India and coupled with the huge interest of the Indian people. The stadiums draw huge crowds and celebrities to watch the matches.

To give each of the Twenty20 teams their own identity, they had created distinctive names of their own known state provinces such as the Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, the Rajasthan Royals, etc.

Each team has its own logo or team emblem and plays in unique coloured kits similar to the attire worn in the One Day International Cricket matches.

The IPL attracts the world-class best cricket players. Because they are able to offer them a large sum of money. This way each team is made up of a strong number of international players amongst the local talents. Before the actual series of games, an auction is held to allow the teams to place bids for the players. The teams are also capable of swapping the players as they wish to do. It is the most crucial part of any fantasy sports games. The auction is played live through the internet and other television networks. Many bets were done based on the auction as well as the game which makes the fantasy game more interesting.

The teams in the IPL will play each other twice and then the playoffs are conducted to the top four teams. As in they are moving forward towards Semi-Finals. The winners of the first two teams in the points table will then move onto the final stage of the series, where the winner is decided. The IPL series usually goes on for six weeks and the Rajasthan Royals were the very first winners of this type of fantasy cricket. The team was led by one of the most accomplished Australian spin bowler, Shane Warne. The Chennai super kings lead by ex-Indian Captain, MS Dhoni, hold the record for the highest number of times reaching the finals and won for three times.

As the entire match is screened live through many media, there are some players of online gambling using the match more entertaining. Online gambling is legalised by regulations to some extent. The betting is done on the prediction of the game and players who are playing for the matches. Many people in India were playing these fantasy cricket online and placing and earning more by winning the right bet. It makes the game more interesting than ever. As in such a way, the title sponsor of the currently ongoing series of IPLT20-2020 is one of the fantasy sports app owner Dream 11.